Tires Are Evil and Need To Be Punished

The reason tires are evil and need to be punished is because they are expensive, they run out of tread, and they get flats in the worst places. The guys on Roadkill punished 12 sets of tires before their final off road test. The reason the Hellcat Charger, Challenger, and Viper are perfect candidates to punish tires is because in their stock form they all make over 600hp to the rear wheels and over 600 foot pounds of torque the rear wheels. Horsepower is defined as how fast you will be going before you hit a wall and foot pounds of torque is defined as how far you will go after you hit the wall. These pure built American tire spreaders line up for their first test to see who can punish their tires the longest without hitting the breaks. This is an important test because it shows from a deadline punch who can leave the longest stripe on the road. There second test is who can punish the tires the fastest through a set distance. The second test is a test of drive skill and tire destruction. It tests driver skill because first off you have no control of the back end of the car. Secondly, you have to ride the breaks a bit to keep resistance up enough to keep the tires spinning. Thirdly, you have win the race. Lastly, you need to burn as much of those evil tries off as possible. The third test which hands down destroyed those evil no for good tires was the 3 way tug of war. This requires absolutely no talent and only a right foot to hammer the throttle down and blow off as much of those evil tires as possible. They did what they came to do and shredded those tires completely off and it was a complete success. There was enough smoke from this one competition that you could have proved scientifically that clouds are made by 3 way tug of wars. If you ever realize that your tires are evil these tests are the perfect way to punish them. The last test is dumb and should not be done to such nice cars and I dislike them a lot for doing that to them.


Extra tire punishing


The Airless Tire

Can you imagine never having to worry about getting a flat tire, curbing or bending your rim ever again? Well this revolutionary idea might just be the best option for everyone. This is Bridgestone’s new idea for a tire and it is brilliant. Obviously you will have to rotate them like any normal tire, but you will never be stranded on the road again because of a nail that is stuck in your tire. “An end to the days of changing a tire on the highway shoulder would be welcome to drivers everywhere”. I don’t know if you have ever changed a tire on the side of the road but it is not the most pleasant experience. Watching drivers fly by you at a range of speeds upwards of 70mph on the interstates only feet away from crouched next to your car pray that they see you and do not hit you. This saves lives, time, and money. These three factors alone make the airless tire that much more desirable. The way you will save money is going to be at the pump. With regular tires air expands and contracts with the temp in the air, so if you are not staying alert with the tire pressure you could be running on a deflated tire. I don’t mean that it is flat but if you are not at the manufactures recommended tire pressure it is causing you to push on the gas harder to get your car rolling and also keep it in motion. “About 90% of energy loss from tire rolling resistance comes from repeated changes in the shape of the tries as they roll. By simplifying the structure of the tire, Bridgestone was able to minimize the energy loss in these “air free concept tires.””. The sooner this hits the market the better. Only good thing will come from this new design and cannot wait to try I out for myself.


Ken Block’s Raptor is the Perfect Truck

Ken Block took a stock 2012 Ford F150 Raptor and made it into one of the coolest and most versatile trucks on this planet. After Ken Block got done upgrading his Raptor one of the most noticeable upgrades is the Trax system all the way around the truck. This makes this truck stand out in crowds and also makes it very hard to get and allows it to move over almost any surface. Like tanks and construction equipment they are used in various conditions ranging from good to terrible but because they work so well that Ken Block used them on his truck so he can go anywhere. Another big difference is what is under the hood of the Raptor. Ken put a huge twin screw supercharger that packed another 250hp to the Trax system for a grand total of 650hp. With that kind of power there is no amount of mud or snow that will keep this Raptor from getting stuck. Another cool and useful integration into the truck is the roll cage system that ties into roof rack and storage inside the truck for equipment. Lots of death could be avoided with extra safety with a roll cage and extra storage for equipment. You can never go wrong with more safety then what factory provides. There’s a reason that anything off road or raced has a roll cage and that’s because it saves lives. If you are driving your truck and you run off into a ditch you can guarantee your safety with it in and being correctly strapped into the seat. With all these features together make this a perfect truck because first you buy a truck because you expect to use 4×4 on occasion and with the Trax system you will never have to worry about getting stuck and will always be able to pull your friends out. Secondly you can take your truck to any campsite or anywhere and be able to stay out in the woods for as long as you want because you will be able to carry all the equipment with you. Lastly your truck will be safer than anything you can buy on the market. No matter how you crash you will be safe and you can’t put a price tag on that. This is why this should be the truck for everyone

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Electricity: Right for the Home Wrong for the Car

What sounds better a range of 60 miles, $ .11 per Kilowatt hour fill up, and a 10 hour recharge time or 300 miles, $2.50 per gallon fill up, and 5 minute recharge time? The first choice is a Nissan Leaf and the second choice is any other gasoline powered car in the market new or used. You might be thinking wow $ .11 is nothing but with only a range of 60 miles you will not actually get turn around as fast as you might expect. “Counting interest, the miles to payback is 197,000 miles.  Because it is almost impossible to drive a Leaf more than 60 miles a day, the payback with interest would take more than nine years”. It takes 9 years because of the distance you can drive it and because it cost around $37,XXX compared to a lot of other SUVs’ costing around $20,XXX. Another issue that comes with a range of only 60miles the more you use the amenities like the radio, AC, and/or heat the cars range will decrease. “Reviews of the Leaf are filled with accounts of drivers turning off the A/C in the summer and the heat in the winter.  Some drivers even decided that they couldn’t risk charging their cell phones, using the radio, or turning on the windshield wipers”. That makes an already terrible traffic jam that much hotter or colder. I can speak for not having AC for a week during summer last year and it was the worst week of my life. That’s not the worst part though, if you cannot use you windshield wipers in the rain that can severely endanger you, your passengers, and everyone around you which is just not sensible. Last but not least let’s add another stress to your already stressful life. With a range of 60 miles and a recharge time there is an anxiety called “Range Anxiety”. This means “The car takes over your life.  You are forced to plan every trip carefully, and to forgo impromptu errands in order to conserve precious electrons.  And, when you are driving your BEV (battery electric vehicle), you are constantly studying the readouts worrying about whether you are going to make it through the day”. To me it’s just not good in any scenario and will not work until the range can be closer to 400 miles and a recharge time of 2 hours, so until then electric cars just aren’t worth the money for any reason.

Big Block or Big Turbo’s

Since the 60’s the era of the muscle car, all car manufactures knew was how to stuff the biggest motor they could into the smallest car they had like the 1965 Ac Cobra Carol Shelby designed. Do not get me wrong that was very successful for a lot of car manufactures but Ford is now trying something new for their super car the Ford Gt. As some of you might know the Ford Gt is a well established race car that has won numerous races line the 24 hour Le Mans placing first from 1966-1969 with a high performance big block V8 turning impressive horse power numbers. Now with Fords latest release of the Ford Gt it is now boasting a V6 motor with twin turbo’s and factory rated horsepower numbers sitting at 600 with the factory still saying that there is more left in the motor which they call the EcoBoost. This motor could become the next generation of race car motor if successful but it will have to prove itself against some the V8’s in the super car industry that are tried and true. “Like Chevrolet 6.2-liter, 650-horsepower Corvette Z06 and the 8.4-liter, 640-horsepower Dodge Viper”. These cars will not be easy to take down but with all the carbon fiber and high strength materials they will be using they can easily be much lighter than the competition with will intern lead to a faster car through the straights and allow the driver to push the car harder in the corners. The best news about all of this is that more motors like this could be hitting factory production lines everywhere if this proven to be a reliable and successful motor. Ford already has a dialed down version of the EcoBoost motor in almost all of their car lines but to get that motor option you have to spend a pretty penny for it. I believe that this could be the next generation for all car manufactures for the power and miles per gallon that you will be able to get out of it.

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