The New Toyota Trike…?

A Toyota i-ROAD during a demonstration drive in Toyota

If you need a good laugh, let me help you out a little bit. Just google the ‘Toyota Three-Wheeler’ and let the internet do the rest for you. Try to contain yourself because Toyota is very, very serious about this beaut, they mean it when they talk about the i-Road ultra-compact EV concept. About 100 people participated in the test driving of the new vehicle, each driving it for a month at a time. Some of these people are considered to be “trendsetters” and Toyota has stated that the project will last for a year.

“Toyota says that it is going to launch the project in Tokyo in July. It appears to be aimed at trying to try to drum up more support for the idea of tiny one-person minicar that can be parked virtually anywhere in one of the world’s most congested cities. The electric three-wheeler is distinguished by the way it leans into turns,” according  to Woodyard. The Open Road Project’s goal is to encourage individuals to use the i-Road, which prior to this new vehicle has only ever gained recognition as a design exercise, not as an innovative technology.

It’s still a work in progress, but I think we are ready to see where the i-Road can take us.


Hydrogen Fuel Cells: The Love-Hate Relationship

After Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors took the not ye on the market Toyota Mirai for a test drive, he mentioned in a press conference at the Automotive News World Congress that the futuristic vehicle was “extremely silly,” and the proceeded to rant about them and refer to them as “fool cells.”

And while we must admit that yes, there are still problems and flaws with these hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, it would be taking a huge step backwards to simply write them off and claim that such a technology could never actually work. Near the end of the 2015 year, Toyota plans to release its “first ever hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle.” To give some sales history on the two companies, Tesla sold 31,600 vehicles compared to the 9 million that Toyota sold in the year 2014. Tesla’s annual income is a few billion dollars as compared to Toyota’s $250 billion annual income. Tesla had only three versions of one car on display at the 2015 Detroit auto show where Toyota had more than 70 distinct models to showcase.

“Toyota’s Mirai is the world’s first real attempt at a consumer hydrogen car. It costs $57,500, puts out 153 horsepower and has a zero to sixty of 9 seconds. With only four seats and a teardrop shape, the Mirai looks like a cross between a Toyota Prius and a Chevy Volt. It’s not a beaut. Indeed, unless you are an engineer, technophile, or middle- to later-aged computer scientist you are not likely to be impressed,” states Tillemann.

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