When taking a ride in my dad’s new car, he began to show me the newest installations of technology in the newest model of the same model he has had for years. He could open the windows by tapping his key, access the internet from the visual display screen, and utilize the control button as a track pad amongst many other new additions. I felt as if I was in the Apple store looking at the newest iPhone update. Are these high tech modifications necessary to improve our ability to drive safer on the road, or are they unnecessary additives that make cars more expensive and distracting?

Bankrate reports on Mercedes-Benz’s plans to feature a variable seating system.

It features four rotating lounge chairs that allow you to sit face to face. The car is hypothetically designed to drive itself. “The mobile lounge”, the project however, is officially named F015 “Lounge in motion”. The doors open differently than a conventional car, similar to double doors in a conference room. They signify power and entrance. The f015 continues to resemble a car with similar features in the cars we see today such as headlights, air-tires, windows, sky roof. But lacks in practical “universal” features such as a trunk, carpetry and interior, cup holders, rear-view mirrors, etc.

The F015 makes a large leap into the future and appears to be a business meeting vehicle. The people in the photo are analyzing charts and numbers dressed in business attire clothing. There are no children in this car, which leads me to believe that this car isn’t meant for a family at all. Mercedes-Benz has a great idea going for them, however highly impractical and will most likely be very expensive. If you’re going to face eachother in the car, and drive on auto, why don’t you meet in a conference room where you can put numbers on a screen? The auto has become a solice of luxury and less of a means of transportation and Mercedes-Benz proves that with the F015.





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