Apple iCar?

Apple has been a leading company in technology for the past decade.  They have revolutionized phones and tablets.  Now Apple is trying to enter into the auto industry.  According to a report from Britain’s Financial Times, Apple might soon have a car ready for production.  This comes from more than one source for the Financial Times, whom work closely with Apple.

The Financial Times reports states that Jonathan Ive, Apple’s senior vice president and iPhone and iPad designer, is working closely with heads of the automotive industry.  Apple has even hired “an executive from Mercedes-Benz’s research and development division.”  The experts in the auto industry that Apple is hiring are rumored to be working in a secret lab near Apple’s Silicon Valley campus.

This isn’t something to be surprised about.  The biography, written by Walter Isaacson, about Apple CEO Steve Jobs told about how Jobs wanted Apple to develop its own car.  A car wouldn’t be the first thing in the auto industry that Apple has either.  Apple has put out CarPlay, available through a range of manufacturers from Ferrari to Ford.  CarPlay allows you to control your iPhone through the car dashboard.


               CarPlay on the dashboard of a car

Creating and selling a car won’t be easy.  Creating a brand in the automotive industry; companies are established and have been for many years.  What’s more is the fact that creating software and building a car are two totally different things, plus the fact that Apple doesn’t have a factory to build a car, they would have to build on or contract a factory from another company.

All of this is rumored and Apple hasn’t officially announced that it is in the process of building a car, but it isn’t hard to believe that Apple is working on a car.  Apple has a reputation of being a leader in technological advancements.  The iPhone revolutionized mobile phones, bringing entertainment, easier texting, ease of use with the operating system itself, and the ability to surf the internet into the palm of one’s hand.  The iPad now makes tablets like mini computers; office work can be completed on iPads, as well as using it for entertainment, like games, music, books, and many different varieties of downloadable apps to use.

If Apple wants to enter the auto industry, I do not see them having a problem.  They are already a “household name” in the technology field and haven proven themselves to be reliable and innovative.  Just think of what they can do with their technological ideas and powers while designing and building a car.  Considering the fact that Apple has Siri, the car radio, and if you have an iPhone, which will most likely connect to the car, will probably be controlled by Siri, making the car hands free and safer.  Im just waiting to see if the car will be gas or electric.

Original Article found at: Yahoo news (technology)


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