SUV’s in Europe?

The Chinese automaker Geely Automobile have recently announced in my opinion, a huge gamble. The plans to release a small SUV in Europe. They have announced that they are planning on producing a gasoline version to the US and a couple of alternatively fueled variants which include plug ins.

Being European, I know that SUV’s are not very popular as they are here in the US. The two main reasons being that petroleum is roughly $8 a gallon in the UK, which would make using an economically inefficient vehicle such as an SUV undesirable and is the reason Europe is dominated by smaller, efficient cars. Another reason which is not as big as the previous is that European countries are substantially smaller than America. Roads and city streets are much smaller and there is in general less space across the board therefore it makes sense to drive smaller cars.

The small SUV may work well in Europe however if the alternative fuel is successful. I believe this car could become a success if the fuel is cheaper than gas, as reliant as gas and as easy to access, then I believe Geely’s SUV becoming common place in the European market. However if it was that easy to provide alternative fuels then I think it would already of happened. I cannot see the Chinese automakers car becoming dominant in Europe in the near future however I do believe they are going down the right track to getting SUV’s popularity to increase overseas.Bloggy


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