Chevrolet explores autonomous driving with FNR concept

After recently setting a new goal of passing the 1 million vehicle sales in China by the year 2020, Chevrolet have got another new futuristic design ready to potentially do battle with the Apple car and other high technology designs that will shape the future of the automobile. Could this new crazy looking design with FNR concept be a hit? What even is FNR?

The FNR stands for “Find New Roads” which is Chevrolets design theme. Here they have decided to go for a futuristic, streamlined design with one of the cars main features being its “dragonfly” dual swing doors which will certainly catch a lot of attention at car shows. Its not just the looks of the car though that will cause there to be interest. The car can be charged wirelessly and has magnetic, in wheel electric motors. Its standout feature though has to be the roof of the car. Being equipped with sensors and a roof mounted radar allows this new design to be driverless.

This new high technology, electric car shows us that Chevrolet are working hard to try to compete with other new cars from the various automobile giants as well as trying to meet the customers lifestyles. Chevrolets global chief, Alan Batey states that “this is just the beginning of their efforts to meet the transportation efforts of the future”. This is a bold statement from Chevrolet but one that shows that they have intent, especially in the Asian market which they are targeting more heavily due to the much younger customer base in countries such as China.

I believe that Chevrolet could become a success more in the foreign market than in the USA, but that they will need to further enhance their vehicle if they are going to be able to be a major player in the market as future of the industry.


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