X-ray glasses: Augmented reality while driving

About a year ago Google Glass released its product to the public and has since then received mainly negative reviews. Many people wearing the glasses were ridiculed and teased because of how silly and pointless the product seemed. There were even articles dedicated to revolting against these “Glassholes.”

Now Google has went back to the drawing board and new companies are in the race for virtual reality glasses. The automaker Mini is teaming up with Qualcomm and are discussing a different product, one that will assist you in the car. These glasses, known as augmented virtual reality glasses, will aim in providing more enjoyment and functionality to the driver. According to a web article from USA Today, “Sketched out by the Osterhout Design Group, the glasses pack two stereoscopic HD displays that, using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, overlay virtual information over the real world — something many tech observers consider the Holy Grail of augmented reality.” The glasses are designed to provide a heads up display for the driver. It will display things like vehicle speed, traffic sign information, and allow the driver to essentially see outside of the vehicle courtesy of the installed outside cameras. Basically its x-ray vision in your car.

With this type of display it will allot the driver to be more aware of the world around them while driving. It would allow them to have faster reactions to pedestrians walking across the street or other cars right next to them. The glasses are also going to designed to work outside of a vehicle as well. In the USA Today article, it states, “At another point, he’s walking around town and stops to stare at a few posters that are presumably encoded with information the glasses can decipher. One is for a concert; the Mini Augmented Glasses tell the driver it’s sold out. The other is for an art show, and the glasses ask if he’d like to plot out a course for the gallery, and promptly transfers the info to the car as he hops in. Once he’s arrived and parked, the glasses continue to show him the walking route via huge white arrows.”

This technology is still in its early stages but has the potential to create a safer environment for the driver and the world around him. Mini’s ability to connect with the younger generation will aid them in selling to a younger audience. You can view the USA Today article below. There is also a link to the article about “Glassholes.”




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