Record Setting Automobile Exportation From Alabama

Mercedes-Benz C-Class, manufactured in Alabama

In the past year, 2014, the Alabama Department of Commerce revealed data through announcing that the state made nearly a million automobiles and exported to 99 countries which set a new all time record. Approximately 6.6 billion dollars worth of the vehicles that were built by companies such as Mercedes, Hyundai, and Honda in the state of Alabama were sent off to foreign countries, primarily Canada and China. The bulk of Alabama’s automobile exports we built in the Mercedes plant located in Vance.

With the increasing global demand for cars, Alabama found it’s “ever increasing capacity to build high quality vehicles” leading the market to believe that Alabama’s exports will only continue to grow at a rapid rate. “Alabama is off to a robust start with January 2015 statistics reporting almost a 15 percent increase from January 2014,” according to Hilda Lockhart, director of the Commerce Department’s international Trade Division.

It is predicted that there will continue to be records set in the years to come as automobile manufacturers revamp their investments in the state of Alabama. Mercedes announced in fall of 2014 that they would be introducing 200 additional jobs to the Vance, AL plant by 2015, which would then boost production by 300,000.

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