Tires Are Evil and Need To Be Punished

The reason tires are evil and need to be punished is because they are expensive, they run out of tread, and they get flats in the worst places. The guys on Roadkill punished 12 sets of tires before their final off road test. The reason the Hellcat Charger, Challenger, and Viper are perfect candidates to punish tires is because in their stock form they all make over 600hp to the rear wheels and over 600 foot pounds of torque the rear wheels. Horsepower is defined as how fast you will be going before you hit a wall and foot pounds of torque is defined as how far you will go after you hit the wall. These pure built American tire spreaders line up for their first test to see who can punish their tires the longest without hitting the breaks. This is an important test because it shows from a deadline punch who can leave the longest stripe on the road. There second test is who can punish the tires the fastest through a set distance. The second test is a test of drive skill and tire destruction. It tests driver skill because first off you have no control of the back end of the car. Secondly, you have to ride the breaks a bit to keep resistance up enough to keep the tires spinning. Thirdly, you have win the race. Lastly, you need to burn as much of those evil tries off as possible. The third test which hands down destroyed those evil no for good tires was the 3 way tug of war. This requires absolutely no talent and only a right foot to hammer the throttle down and blow off as much of those evil tires as possible. They did what they came to do and shredded those tires completely off and it was a complete success. There was enough smoke from this one competition that you could have proved scientifically that clouds are made by 3 way tug of wars. If you ever realize that your tires are evil these tests are the perfect way to punish them. The last test is dumb and should not be done to such nice cars and I dislike them a lot for doing that to them.


Extra tire punishing


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