The Airless Tire

Can you imagine never having to worry about getting a flat tire, curbing or bending your rim ever again? Well this revolutionary idea might just be the best option for everyone. This is Bridgestone’s new idea for a tire and it is brilliant. Obviously you will have to rotate them like any normal tire, but you will never be stranded on the road again because of a nail that is stuck in your tire. “An end to the days of changing a tire on the highway shoulder would be welcome to drivers everywhere”. I don’t know if you have ever changed a tire on the side of the road but it is not the most pleasant experience. Watching drivers fly by you at a range of speeds upwards of 70mph on the interstates only feet away from crouched next to your car pray that they see you and do not hit you. This saves lives, time, and money. These three factors alone make the airless tire that much more desirable. The way you will save money is going to be at the pump. With regular tires air expands and contracts with the temp in the air, so if you are not staying alert with the tire pressure you could be running on a deflated tire. I don’t mean that it is flat but if you are not at the manufactures recommended tire pressure it is causing you to push on the gas harder to get your car rolling and also keep it in motion. “About 90% of energy loss from tire rolling resistance comes from repeated changes in the shape of the tries as they roll. By simplifying the structure of the tire, Bridgestone was able to minimize the energy loss in these “air free concept tires.””. The sooner this hits the market the better. Only good thing will come from this new design and cannot wait to try I out for myself.



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