Brands, Brands, and Brands.

Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, and iPhone. Urban Outfitters, Gap, Abercrombie, Patagonia, and American Apparel. Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Mercedes. To most, those clusters of words are divided into three groups: Phone brands, clothes brands, and car brands. When looking into brands, no matter the object, people tend to migrate towards the popular and durable one. But how do we decide? Which brands do you support? Why do you support them? Why do you choose one over the other? How about this, would you buy a blackberry car? What about a Patagonia phone? Apple plans to come out with “iCar”; the first Apple brand car. Apple is notorious for challenging new markets and dominating the field. September 1980 Macintosh released the “Apple” III. Apple continued to release a series of printers, computers, and hard-drives until August 1993 when they released the very first Newton Message Pad, which was essentially a first generation PDA. They began to renovate the idea before they re-focused and concentrated their energy on the “compact” and “powerbook”. October 23, 2001 apple released the very first iPod Classic. Differing from the iMac, iBook, Powermac, and Powerbook; the ipod was the first generation handheld music portable. Fast forward to 2004 when the iPod mini came out, their brand was booming. Apple now had the reins on the computer, compact, printer, and now handheld music industry. Fast forward three more years to the first generation iPhone release; the most anticipated presale in Apple product history (thus far of course). Fast forward, once more, to today. Apple products dominate almost every product field, excluding maybe printers and their long-time rival with Hewlett-Packard. Their phones, computers, apps, accessories, printers, and portable music technology changed the game. So my question now is, do we trust apple with this significant challenge? Critics question their technology and argue that the knowledge isn’t in the right place. However, Apple’s vastly varied technology successes propose a different outcome. I say, let’s see what they’ve got. apple-car


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