DeltaWing: Most Fuel Efficient Daily Driver?

The company DeltaWing has said that a street legal variant of their odd car design could be the most fuel efficient daily driver car out there. They commissioned an independent engineering analysis of their cars design and it has an estimated seventy four miles per gallon highway rating. And this would not be achieved by a hybrid engine or electric power but with a good old internal combustion engine, making it the most fuel efficient vehicle with an internal combustion engine in the United States.

This high miles per gallon rating is attributed to the cars sleek, aerodynamic design. The engine in the car would be 1.4 liter gasoline engine, putting out about 134 horsepower. In previous interviews, the company has stated that a car of this design with as little as 85 horsepower could do zero to sixty miles per hour in six seconds and top out at 130 miles per hour, so it would not be lacking in sufficient power even with its fuel efficiency. This has all been theoretical testing so far and based upon simulations. Press releases of even the simulated achievements however have allowed the company to move toward producing a viable prototype to begin real world testing now though.

While the simulated numbers are quite an astounding achievement with an internal combustion engine, I am not sure if the car will catch on in the consumer market should it reach production viability. I am personally not a fan of the design, even though it is this design in and of itself which lends the car its amazing fuel efficiency. To me, it looks a lot like the trike design of motorcycles which I have also not ever been a fan of. The aesthetics of the car are what bother me, not its specifications. If people can get past its odd look however, if it ever sees mass production, it could be a game changer for the automotive industry.

DeltaWing Four-Seat Chassis Red


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