Cheap Not So Cheap?

I recently read an article on where their authors posed a very important question to automakers: is cheap gas going to damage a car’s engine? So while one may think that they are saving at the pump by choosing the cheapest fuel, they may actually be inhibiting future damage to their car’s engine.

The article states: “A key difference is that the major brands put more additives in their gas and claim to have some secret ingredients. This extra shot of additives provides an additional level of cleaning and protection for your engine.”

So, while one might think that they are saving pennies, dollars, or even more over time, as well as easing the strain on their wallet when filling up is necessary, the hidden damage may cost them much more than those marginal savings at the pump. It is unfortunate, however, that these “beneficial” additives are actually costing the stations (and the consumer) more. The more powerful, useful, and mperative additives, though, are even more expensive.

So what is the bottomn line when it comes to fuels and which petroleum you should be putting in your tank? Well, according to Randy Stephens, chief engineer for Toyota’s Avalon, the claims of engine protection afforded by higher-priced gas do not necessarily convince him. However, he and many other car experts agree that putting some kind of additive to one’s fuel can greatly improve engine quality and life. So if one’s pockets aren’t quite deep enough to afford premium (91 or other) gasoline, one can purchase am additive such as a bottle of Chevron U.S.A. Inc.’s Techron — the same additive that’s in Chevron gasoline (once or twice a year).

These less expensive alternatives greatly help the consumer and the manufacturer: if a car is not needing service every 10,000 miles, the consumer gains trust with the manufacturer, and the msnufacturer maintains a loyal consumer base. I guess the only party out of luck in this theoretical situation are those that specialize (and shirk, but not always) in fixing the problems created by cheap gasoline.



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