Infiniti, auto advertisers see digital boost from March Madness

With the majority of people across the USA tuning in to watch March Madness, I felt it fitting to relate this weeks post with the college basketball tournament. With millions of viewers nationwide, plenty of time outs, half time shows etc. there is a considerable amount of time for automobile manufacturers to showcase their company and show the viewers why they should choose them.

Nearly every major automobile manufacturer was represented in the 2012 tournament. A roster that included Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Mercedes, Nissan, Volkswagen and Infiniti. GM was the biggest spender last year, investing $80.3 million in tournament TV inventory. This year again it is Infinity that was sponsoring most of the television coverage as well as the March Madness live app, which allows people to watch games live on their phones. The amount of downloads rose a considerable 40 percent in 2014. On top of this Infinity had a 25 percent rise in searches of their brand during the 2014 tournament again showing the power of advertising to a massive audience.

There are several other things that Infiniti will be doing for this years tournament. By sponsoring round by round brackets on CBSSports they will engage with more than half a million people allowing them to put a small advertisement through this service also. When it gets to crunch time in the tournament the Final Four will descend upon Indianapolis, Infiniti will make sure that the fans are thoroughly entertained away from the action with a fans lounge that they reckon could attract over 75,000 college hoops fans. They will offer virtual test drives of their Q50 at the fan zone as well, giving fans the opportunity to experience what their new vehicle has to offer.

Although advertising can be very expensive, companies do get the rewards if done well. Here I feel Infiniti have done a lot of innovative things away from simply just advertising their car, they have given their brand a better image as well as the most important aspect of advertising which is attracting customers.


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