Apple Dominates Geneva Auto Show Without Even Showing Up

For this weeks blog post I chose to have a closer look at what all the fuss was about with Apple and their new car for the future at the recent Geneva car show. I also had a look at the impact they could have on the automobile industry as a whole in the future. The fact that Apple was the most talked about company at one of the top automobile shows in the world is definitely a cause for concern for many car companies worldwide. The head of Mercedes, Dieter Zetsche, even politely told the press to not ask questions about Apple when about to begin a press conference with other top executives at the show.

What is all the panic about? One of the main causes of concern to the automakers is that they see both Google and Apple as “disruptors” in the market but another problem they have are that these technology giants seemingly endless amount of cash that they can use to try out various high-tech ideas such as self driving cars. Apples market share according to the article was a staggering $750 billion, which was double that of some notable car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Renault and BMW. You can certainly see why Apple entering the industry is a major worry for car companies.

Apple would come under a lot fire from companies in the car industry which is why they may be more likely to follow in the steps of Tesla and find a niche.  Apple would encounter difficulties that weren’t in the electronic industry such as heavy regulations and a much longer production schedule which is why just selling electric cars could prove a lot more worthwhile and profitable for them in the short term. I believe that we will see a lot of apple software within cars and possibly even see electric cars with the apple logo on them in the not so distant future.

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