Ken Block’s Raptor is the Perfect Truck

Ken Block took a stock 2012 Ford F150 Raptor and made it into one of the coolest and most versatile trucks on this planet. After Ken Block got done upgrading his Raptor one of the most noticeable upgrades is the Trax system all the way around the truck. This makes this truck stand out in crowds and also makes it very hard to get and allows it to move over almost any surface. Like tanks and construction equipment they are used in various conditions ranging from good to terrible but because they work so well that Ken Block used them on his truck so he can go anywhere. Another big difference is what is under the hood of the Raptor. Ken put a huge twin screw supercharger that packed another 250hp to the Trax system for a grand total of 650hp. With that kind of power there is no amount of mud or snow that will keep this Raptor from getting stuck. Another cool and useful integration into the truck is the roll cage system that ties into roof rack and storage inside the truck for equipment. Lots of death could be avoided with extra safety with a roll cage and extra storage for equipment. You can never go wrong with more safety then what factory provides. There’s a reason that anything off road or raced has a roll cage and that’s because it saves lives. If you are driving your truck and you run off into a ditch you can guarantee your safety with it in and being correctly strapped into the seat. With all these features together make this a perfect truck because first you buy a truck because you expect to use 4×4 on occasion and with the Trax system you will never have to worry about getting stuck and will always be able to pull your friends out. Secondly you can take your truck to any campsite or anywhere and be able to stay out in the woods for as long as you want because you will be able to carry all the equipment with you. Lastly your truck will be safer than anything you can buy on the market. No matter how you crash you will be safe and you can’t put a price tag on that. This is why this should be the truck for everyone

Video for more details


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