Dwindling Gas Prices Don’t Always Control Popularity of Cars.

Many assume that when prices of gasoline go down, so do sales of electric automobiles. This is actually not the case. New research is indicating that “Electric-automobile sales, and sales of higher-gas-mileage cars, continue to hold steady, although the existing improve in sales of light trucks started prior to gas costs started to fall.”

“Nobody is trading their Nissan Leaf for an Escalade. And vice versa,” according to Chris Coleman, the founder of Carlypso, an online firm which facilitates private-celebration sales of employed automobiles. According to statistics found in Carlypso’s research, it stated the ratio of passenger car sales to truck sales at 51 percent as opposed to 49 percent in December of 2013.

As of June of 2014, that ratio had shifted noticeably with truck sales top passenger car or truck sales by 53 percent to 47 percent. “That is a ten percent uptick in truck sales,” according to Coleman, “But that occurred ahead of the precipitous fall in gas costs. Most people today made the decision to go truck or go automobile just before gas costs changed.”

Another study specifically stated that “When gas prices go down, truck sales go up. When gas rates go up, truck sales go down and passenger automobile sales go up.”  Coleman also mentions that “Customers do not often invest in automobiles with their own very best interests at heart, or in mind.”

“Purchasing an auto is a lot more an emotional buy than a rational one particular;” according to Coleman.

Read more: http://www.thebeaconreview.com/local/falling-gas-prices-dont-always-determine-automobile-buyers-selections-studies-hint-h4728.html


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