JEEP looks cheap

With todays technological advancements and potential it seems odd to me that WiFi is not common place in almost all new cars considering we can access WiFi almost anywhere and everywhere we go. It is only recently that GM have announced that there will be built in 4G internet in there Chevy’s, and now Jeep have brought out a concept which includes WiFi and an infotainment system including the radio, music, news, traffic and social media through the Uconnect Live system.

This all sounds great until you see how they have built this in to their nice new Renegade model…Well they haven’t quite had the system “built in”. Instead Jeep have provided this new system and WiFi hotspot through an additional trailer that attaches to the back of the car.

The Hard Steel Jeep in my opinion looks modern and cool with the silver and black throughout and is a car I personally would drive. However I could never see myself driving around with a small trailer attached to the back just so I could have access to all these gadgets which in theory could easily be built inside the vehicle rather than taking away the slick modern look away from the car itself with a silly looking trailer.

In my opinion, as Jeep are trying to enter the future of cars and technology I feel as though they are taking one step forward and two steps back with this design and will struggle with sales if they try to push this out into the market.



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