The Future is a mixed bag

While predicting the future of  the automobile is difficult, that doesn’t stop people from trying. Interestingly, it seems that many people have reached the conclusion that one solution will take over. Brad Templeton of has noticed this and feels this way of thinking is unrealistic. In his mind, the future will allow for some people to own and drive their cars, some will own self driving cars, others to use the so called “robo-taxis,” and allow others to own one car and rely on robo-taxis for certain occasions.

One of the interesting things Templeton talks about is the future of the car as a status symbol. He believes that this will continue, in part because in his future car ownership and being able to drive your own car are still options. However, he also believes that some robo-taxi services will allow consumers to pay extra in order to ride in fancier cars.

Another issue Templeton sees needing to be resolved is that people who don’t own their own car won’t be able to keep things they may or may not need in their trunk. While he points out that while people who already live the car-free lifestyle show this isn’t a huge problem, he makes the case that there is a certain peace of mind having certain items with you at all times. The best solution in his mind is keeping things that would normally go in the trunk in a little locker that you can pick up and take with you.

Templeton’s vision of the future is certainly an appealing one if you’re a fan of driving worried about a future where such activity is rare, or even outlawed. However, it is also incredibly practical and well thought out, as it avoids the trappings most predictions fall into of assuming that everyone will agree to something. This mixed bag version of the future is the one that sounds most plausible based on what we understand about human nature, and is in my opinion the most valid one out there.


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