In Car Technology We Could Do Without

After doing my last blog on cars of the future and looking at some of the new technology that we could begin to see in cars, I decided to have a look and see what people made of the gadgets that many of us have in our cars at the moment and whether or not they were deemed to be necessary. I managed to find an interesting article about in car technology we could do without printed in New Zealand’s national newspaper. Among some of the gadgets they looked at were self-parking systems, kick-to-open tailgates and continuous variable transmission with ‘gears’.

Are gadgets such as self-parking systems really worthwhile? Some would argue that they are, mainly because they are not a fan of parking or struggle with spatial awareness. The argument against however is also a valid one. Car users spend a lot of time driving around car parks or streets at low speed waiting for the self-parking system to identify a suitable space and getting in other drivers way. This is especially true on busy town or city center streets, which is the sort of place where you are going to be using it.

Another one of the arguments that was mentioned concerned continuously variable transmission (CVT) which is continuously alter gearing depending on the driving situation. It does have its strengths, especially in fuel economy and the smoothness in the driving. The point highlighted in the article was that car manufacturers are pretending that you can have manual control over a CVT with varying amounts of gears that you can choose between which is in fact not the case as these are pre selected steps.

I believe that technology in cars will continue to improve at a rapid rate and that although we can argue that we need to return to basics with certain aspects, realistically technology will move even further away from basic.



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