Volvo First?

Will Volvo be the first to release a self-driving car? Despite my dislike for self-driving cars, the idea of Volvo being the first to release one is exciting to say the least; however, I still would never drive one…

As of 2015, Volvo claims that it will have “production-ready autonomous vehicles” on the road by 2017. Justin Hyde (Yahoo Autos) explains the technology involved: “far more than 28 cameras, sensors and lasers…a complex set of software rules, multiple types of radars, several cameras, a multiple-beam laser scanner in the front bumper and 12 ultrasonic sensors” (Motoramic). As with the Google self-driving car, the Volvo version will also be permanently linked to an HD, 3D mapping system. Volvo goes one step further, though, in connecting their autonomous vehicles to local traffic control offices. In theory, their autonomous vehicle software should be able to react to nearly all driving situations.

Of all the car manufacturers attempting this kind of feat, I would bet on Volvo’s success over any other. The kind of ingenuity and attention to detail on Volvo’s part just follows with their mission to reduce and eventually eliminate all driver deaths and vehicular injuries. Unlike many other manufacturers, Volvo puts driver and passenger safety above all else. Despite the tremendously increased safety of the driver-less car, Volvo is also constantly at work developing new technologies for when their cars ARE involved in accidents. They are putting more high-strength steel into the frames of their vehicles than ever before, as well as developing new safety measures such as shock absorbent seats that compress upon impact (reducing spinal injury), auto-brake functionality, and pre-tensioners in all seats.

This article is one of many that remind us of Volvo’s top status among car companies. They continue to prove that driver and passenger safety will never be compromised — nor will luxury and style. It will be exciting to see what their technology will look like in 2017 — and if they will indeed be the first to release a driver-less car.



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