Electricity: Right for the Home Wrong for the Car

What sounds better a range of 60 miles, $ .11 per Kilowatt hour fill up, and a 10 hour recharge time or 300 miles, $2.50 per gallon fill up, and 5 minute recharge time? The first choice is a Nissan Leaf and the second choice is any other gasoline powered car in the market new or used. You might be thinking wow $ .11 is nothing but with only a range of 60 miles you will not actually get turn around as fast as you might expect. “Counting interest, the miles to payback is 197,000 miles.  Because it is almost impossible to drive a Leaf more than 60 miles a day, the payback with interest would take more than nine years”. It takes 9 years because of the distance you can drive it and because it cost around $37,XXX compared to a lot of other SUVs’ costing around $20,XXX. Another issue that comes with a range of only 60miles the more you use the amenities like the radio, AC, and/or heat the cars range will decrease. “Reviews of the Leaf are filled with accounts of drivers turning off the A/C in the summer and the heat in the winter.  Some drivers even decided that they couldn’t risk charging their cell phones, using the radio, or turning on the windshield wipers”. That makes an already terrible traffic jam that much hotter or colder. I can speak for not having AC for a week during summer last year and it was the worst week of my life. That’s not the worst part though, if you cannot use you windshield wipers in the rain that can severely endanger you, your passengers, and everyone around you which is just not sensible. Last but not least let’s add another stress to your already stressful life. With a range of 60 miles and a recharge time there is an anxiety called “Range Anxiety”. This means “The car takes over your life.  You are forced to plan every trip carefully, and to forgo impromptu errands in order to conserve precious electrons.  And, when you are driving your BEV (battery electric vehicle), you are constantly studying the readouts worrying about whether you are going to make it through the day”. To me it’s just not good in any scenario and will not work until the range can be closer to 400 miles and a recharge time of 2 hours, so until then electric cars just aren’t worth the money for any reason.



2 thoughts on “Electricity: Right for the Home Wrong for the Car

  1. MH – Great post. I totally agree that this is unacceptable and Leaf owners should feel ripped off. Now, I think that future innovations, perhaps driven by Tesla, should continue to make improvements in this area.

    Another thing to think about and research – what happens to all of these batteries when the cars get crushed? They are highly toxic.

    • Tesla while have more options and a further range comes with a much larger price tag. Are your will to spend $100,000 for a Tesla when an equal gas counterpart like a civic new can be purchased at $20,000?

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