Apple Car

Last week in my blog I discussed the Google Car and my thoughts on it. This week I would like to talk about the Apple Car. As of now the only device that Apple has created for vehicles is the CarPlay technology. CarPlay is a device that syncs the iPhone’s features into the cars system.

Recently there have been rumors regarding the car that Apple has been working on. According to an article from USA Today, ” Apple has several hundred employees working on a project code-named Titan, which may be focused on a battery-powered minivan.” As of now Apple has declined to comment on any of the rumors.

If the rumors are true the car would be fully electric and is still many years away from becoming a reality. The car still needs to be tested and experimented on. In an article from Business Insider, “The car business is not a great business. Tesla, the only company in the world making an electric car like Apple reportedly plans, reported a $108 million net loss for the fourth quarter of 2014.” It is interesting that Apple would choose a business that is not very successful, although, in my opinion if any company is going to create a successful electric car, it would be Apple.

Apple has been very passionate about the planet and is very outspoken about it. Many of their products are made from recycled materials and are engineered to use very little energy. So it would only make sense that a car would be their next step. A solar-powered car would not only revolutionize the way we travel, but it would be helping the planet as well. If the rumors are true, we could be heading toward a new age of clean transportation.

You can check out the articles below and be sure to visit Apple’s website regarding their environmental responsibility.



One thought on “Apple Car

  1. RD, This is interesting, if for no other reason that Apple wants to create a minivan. Now the reason I think Apple has made that choice is that the company wants to target young people living in cities. I could see a minivan working as a “company car pool car” for businesses and for families with 1-2 kids.

    This also gets back to the problems with car ownership in urban areas.

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