Profit Making Cars


Imagine a world where nobody owns a car, or dives one…

Mike Hearn, a software developer from Zurich Russia has a “thought experiment” which is technically possible but highly unlikely. As it seems we are striving towards driverless, electronic cars and whether they take over the way we use automobiles in the future is something to think about.

Hearn suggested in the article that if these become common place in society then the need to own a personal vehicle may vanish alongside our current day cars. His concept involves self-steering taxis that keep the profits for themselves and making it cheaper for everyone to ride. He suggests an app that allows users to type in where they are and where they want to go, results would show the cheapest rates and the types of cars available.

Although some may argue that we need taxis because it provides jobs, Hearn says that if this was to take place humans would be required to program the vehicles and keep them up to date therefore more jobs will become available.

In my opinion although it does sound like a good and efficient way of changing the automobile world and would probably save the publics money I cannot see Mike Hearn’s concept becoming reality for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, I cannot see such a radical change in the way the world works happening for many generations to come. I also believe there would be many people very resistant to the idea because a lot of people want to have their own car that they can look after and actually drive. Even getting the driverless electric cars to become common place is way off in my opinion. If it does however, I definitely cannot see millions of people agreeing to not owning their own vehicle and car sharing.


One thought on “Profit Making Cars

  1. DC,
    This is a good post, but I want to focus on one aspect of it. It’s not a given that technological change destroys jobs in some sort of zero-sum game.

    Think about how many programmers, engineers and skilled individuals it will take to allow for self-driving taxis to become a reality. In addition, won’t there need to be a whole new road infrastructure built around these driverless cars? I’d think so.

    Read this:

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