Automobiles of the future

It is hard to imagine what a car will look like and the ways in which it will function within the next 50 or so years. Many companies today are trying to design cars that humans will not even have to drive, the driver will become the passenger. One of these companies is Daimler, the inventor of the automobile who believe that it is there duty to evolve transport like so many other companies are trying to do.  In Stuttgart Germany, a group of the company’s engineers are looking into and testing various different ideas with regards to what the future will hold in automobile designs.

One of the main ideas that Daimler are looking into is the possibility of using delivery drones. This would involve a delivery service having a drone that would be situated on the top of a delivery van and it would be used to deliver parcels.This was just one of many but just one of a vast amount of new ideas that businesses have come up with in the last few years that they believe could take off in the future. It seems like a decent idea but would it really be more efficient for a delivery service to do this rather than having the worker deliver by hand?

Back to the present day and Daimlers newest design the F 015 ticks all the boxes if your looking for something out of the ordinary. It is definitely a design that immediately catches the eye from the spacious inside to the streamlined and ridiculously modern looking outer design. The car drives by itself and has combined luxury with looks and is what the company has called a “third space beyond work and home”. Whether or not this third space is what everyone will want when selecting a new vehicle remains to be seen but one thing for sure is that in the future we will see remarkable changes in the automobile.


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One thought on “Automobiles of the future

  1. BN,

    This is really cool and I do think this makes sense for companies like Amazon. You can be sure, though, that UPS and FedEx are considering this evolution as well. The UPS man may become a thing of the past one day.

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