Google’s self driving car

On December 30th, 2014 Google released its prototype self-driving car. As of now it is being tested and doesn’t have a public release date. According to the Google, “The project’s main goal is to improve people’s lives by making it safer, easier, and more enjoyable to get around.” The main idea of the car is to be driverless. In an article from USA Today, Chris Woodyard states, “It’s more of a pod than a car, with little wheels and a look that hews heavily to the cute end of the spectrum. Large headlights make it all the more goofy and lovable. There’s even a black nose on the front.”

Personally I am not a big fan of the car. I don’t  like the idea of not having a driver. However, I do find it fascinating that Google has the technology to allow a car to understand its surroundings and react to them. For example, Toyota has a car that will stop on its own and alert the driver when there is another vehicle close to them. Technology like that is amazing and should be used in cars, but a self-driving car is something I don’t believe we should release.

My main reasoning behind this is the lack of human behind the wheel. The car wouldn’t have the emotions or reactions that a person would. In an article from The Seattle Times, Nathaniel Fairfield states, “If you’re always yielding and conservative, basically everybody will just stomp on you all day.” Another reason behind my dislike for self-driving cars is that I love driving. I don’t want to go on a road trip and just sit there while the car drives for me. I want to be behind the wheel and drive myself, because I love that feeling.

If these cars do become a thing I believe they should have a driverless mode and a driver mode. This way the driver could take control whenever they want to. You can check out the videos of the Google car below. The links for the news articles can be found below as well.



One thought on “Google’s self driving car

  1. RD –

    This is a great post and I especially like the objection about self-driving cars being too willing to yield to other drivers. For example, if you drive in NYC, you need to be an aggressive driver of sorts because most people will not yield to merging drivers unless they think they might crash into the other car. I wonder if a car could be programmed to have a “NYC driver” mentality.

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