Toyota’s Technological Future

Technology is a wonderful thing, not only when it comes to the automobile, but in everyday life. If it was not for the infamous Snapchat application on my IPhone 5S, I would most probably not be aware of what went on in the Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan between January 12-25 2015. On and around these dates a trending Snapchat story of the Detroit automobile show circulated through millions of people’s cell phones, reaching out to many and giving a glimpse of the possible future of the automobile that many manufacturers and businesses envisage. Through minimum effort of my own, other than pressing and holding my touchscreen phone, I caught a ten second glimpse of a Toyota designed small futuristic pod with neon lights, three wheels and no steering wheel .

The article I read tries to make sense of what Toyota have produced and explain why they have designed the FV2. Looking at this automobile, it is difficult to tell whether it is a “glorified motorcyle”, an expensive toy, or indeed what we will see on our highways of tomorrow, as Toyota claim. The technology involved is interesting but is the sort that would personally take me time to be able to trust. There is no physical steering required in this vehicle which  is supposed to be fun, and, which Toyota claims, would be a bonding experience between man and machine.

The main piece of technology installed in the vehicle enables it to be steered through the driver’s body movements and balance; and as it is driven more often, Toyota claim that the car gets a sense of the driver’s feelings and a bond is made between machine and man, thus making driving more fun. My main criticism is the difficulty senior citizens and people of restricted movement will have trying to move from side to side, and also the length of time users would have to spend shifting their body, which may then become dangerous. How ever much fun Toyota’s FV2 may be to drive, I personally cannot see it being roadworthy enough to take the place of today’s automobile. It will only be a toy for the rich.

Toyota’s FV2 concept


One thought on “Toyota’s Technological Future

  1. I think this is cooler than anything that’s out there on the market today when it comes to a driver being able to communicate with a vehicle.. Segways do this, but the idea of a motorcycle/car having the same abilities is mindblowing.

    Good work DC.

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