Call an Uber

Some might call Uber a “taxi service” however Uber is far from being like any ordinary Taxi. Founded in 2009, Uber is an app-based car service with networks in most urban and heavily populated areas throughout the world. Uber operates solely through the app, no cash involved. It’s simple, easy, and a pretty fun experience altogether.

Pick a city that Uber operates in; take San Diego for example. Grab your phone, and download the free app. Right away it will ask for your credit card. Once you take a picture of the card information, cell phone number, and email address, you’re ready to go. Calling an Uber is arguably easier than calling a cab in the big apple because it’s a command based need. No more cabs passing you by while wondering if theres actually anyone in the back. Uber only comes when it’s called. Open the app, pick a car size, click accept, done. No tips are expected, it’s 100% paperless.

Seeing the great direction that Uber is headed makes me question the future of city cab companies. Will this effect Cabs in the long run? Even now, cab companies and the people who sponsor their medallions are suffering with a 23% net loss. My question is: What is the future of the Taxi service?

Currently, Uber is said to be facing an enormous amount of lawsuits. Although still operating, they face issues with compliance and suspension. Cab companies nation wide are giving Uber the finger for taking business and money away from their cab services.

Have ride sharing businesses disrupted the future of command-transportation? Not according to the numbers. Uber brought in almost 20 times what cab companies raked in last year. Some people may see disrupting change, but if you’re like me, you see an opportunity for an easier, more creative future in transpiration. uber-app


One thought on “Call an Uber

  1. Alec,
    Love this post. I think that Uber’s strategy going forward it to dump the driver for self-driving cars. So the plan: exploit low wage workers, then discard them when it’s feasible.

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