Airbags that Help Stop Cars

According to the article I read, Mercedes has recently been exploring options with certain airbags that extend from underneath the car and could potentially prevent a collision. The airbags would deploy based on information from sensors that would communicate that a crash is absolutely going to happen. “The bags have a friction coating that helps slow the car down and can double the stopping power of the vehicle. The bags also lift the vehicle up to eight centimeters, which counters the car’s dipping motion during hard braking, improves bumper-to-bumper contact and helps prevent passengers from sliding under seat belts during a collision.”
This type of technology could save thousands of lives if properly installed. Airbags have been advanced multiple times to add more safety features. If Mercedes added this into their market they could send sales soaring. As a consumer this type of feature on a car is something that would greatly interest me. When I am old and have a child or two I want to make sure that my vehicle is going to work properly and be as safe as possible, especially when my child begins driving on their own. I want to know that my child is going to be safe from car crashes and with this technology that is exactly what could happen. All parents worry about their children. My parents called me constantly any time I would drive somewhere. They would always have me call them when I arrived at my destination and if this technology can be proven to work this could alleviate some of the constant worry that parents have.
Mercedes is doing a fantastic job with coming up with new safety features. I completely agree with what they are doing when it comes to this new airbag concept. This kind of technology is something that I feel all consumers would be open too because it relates to safety and that is the number one factor for most people when buying a car.
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