Google Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are an idea that confuses and scares most people. How do we know the car won’t crash? How do we know if we’ll get to the right place? In California and Nevada, Google has been test driving these cars on public highways and other roads. The car is supposed to record images on the road, their internal technology is supposed to be able to see road signs and stop lights before a person can, and find alternative ways to get where you are going. It uses a combination of radars, lasers, and cameras to analyze its surroundings faster than a person can.

A plus side to this self-driving car, according to this article, is the possible decrease in traffic and accidents. Self-driving cars would be able to “platoon”, a group of cars drive fairly close together and drive as one. The cars could communicate to one another and react at the same times.

In my opinion, this technology seems absolutely crazy. I hate the idea of a car driving me on its own. Technology fails all the time. My IPhone is amazing and I love it, however it messes up constantly. It has glitches, it freezes up, sometimes it can be very slow, and putting yourself in a car that “drives” itself doesn’t seem like a safe decision at all. I use Google maps continually on my phone and there have been countless times that it doesn’t take me to where I actually need to go. It’s extremely frustrating when it cannot find the address I type in or it doesn’t find a specific place; when I know that it’s there I just don’t know how to get there! The majority of the time when I am using this app it will freeze in the middle and re-route and it takes a few seconds to get back on track. With all of this in mind, how the hell can someone want to put themselves in a car that is completely driven by technology?Image


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