Can Augmented Dashboards Become a Thing?

Augmented Reality dashboards (AR) are an extremely far off form of technology, however when the auto industry finally masters this concept I feel that it could be incredibly beneficial to the safety of drivers, and it’s also a crazy cool idea.

This article throws out the idea of a having a dashboard or windshield that can basically tell the driver things they may not notice. It would be able to identify things in front of a driver, getting too close to a car, traffic up ahead, etc. The driver can see what is happening but the AR would give more information that the driver may not know. The example the article gives is if you are coming up on a far too fast, a red box would appear around the car with arrows pointing you to get in the next lane to pass them instead of colliding. It could highlight the lane you need to be in and show you where you need to go without taking your eyes off the road to look at a GPS. Also being researched is the possible idea that engineers could wear AR glasses to look at an engine and it would show them what needed to be fixed and how to fix it step by step.

This technology is a long way from being installed but the concept seems to be very useful. Honestly, this would also be so cool because it’s like something out of a movie. I feel like this could be a great investment when it comes to safety. The technology isn’t “in charge” so I think people would be very open to this. On the other hand some people may not want to be told how to drive by the car itself, it could annoy them. It would be like a backseat driver and no one likes those.


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