Percentage of Americans without personal automobiles close to 10%


In an article by the Detroit Bureau, the number of Americans with vehicles has been estimated to be close to 10% in 2012. This estimation matters to us as a class in what it can possible tell us. Over 20 years ago in 1991, that number stood close to 5.7%. In roughly two decades, it has doubled. The article speculates on the relation between this growing trend and the market shortcomings in the 2000’s.

One of the main possibilities of the future of the automobile involves car sharing or a better version of mass transit. An argument against that is that we, as Americans, simply like having our own cars. This data shows to us that perhaps we were overstating this fact. If people are driving and owning personal vehicles less and less, then the door is open for an alternative. Take Zip Car for example. If people are open to not owning a car, then they still have to find a way to get around. This would mean they would be more accepting of car services that work around this fact. Should that be the case, then perhaps the future will not involve a better type of car, but rather a better way to access these cars. If this is true, it almost creates a market demand for a good, safe alternative.

Either way, there are many different possible outcomes from the lessening of personal vehicles. If this trend continues, then the future of the automobile could be completely different than we first believed.





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