New Normal For Recall Numbers?

Already in 2014 there have been around 11 million cars recalled in the United States.  General Motors alone has recalled 6 million cars, and only 2 million for their faulty ignition switches, leaving another 4 million of GM’s cars having some other fault.  To compare, last year alone there were 22 million cars recalled, leaving 2014 already halfway to last years total number.  However in 2004 there was a record 30.8 million cars recalled, and hopefully that record will stand.  GM is not the only major car company to have recalls on their vehicles this year.  Jeep, Nissan, Honda, and Ford are also in the mix adding to more US cars being recalled every day.

Is it just becoming a norm to have cars recalled?  The article talked about how these numbers are becoming the new normal for recalls.  It is outrageous that 11 million cars in not even 4 months can be recalled for any reason, safety or paint flaw.  The article alludes to the fact that automakers are becoming “more willing to do recalls today than five years ago because of the fear of the wrath of federal regulators.”  It shouldn’t be that they have fear of federal regulators, they need to have fear of the customer!  If a car is unsafe or has a flaw, don’t fix it because the government told you to, fix it for the safety and satisfaction of the customer!

The article also mentions how Toyota has agreed this year to pay a $1.2 billion dollar fine to settle a four year federal investigation because they didn’t tell regulators about safety complaints of sudden random acceleration in their cars, as well as another $66 million for not recalling their vehicles properly.  It is unbelievable that a company can get away with such negligence that they basically ignore laws and safety features.  What has happened to the responsibility of companies?  Today companies, especially car manufactures are creating unsafe products because they know they can get away with slipping and nothing will happen more than a fine.  Something needs to happen to show that negligence such as GM, Toyota, and other manufacturers cannot and will not be tolerated by the consumer or the government.,0,7939088.story#axzz2ysA0rwt6


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