Land Rover and their “Invisible Car” Technology

“Revealed at the 2014 New York auto show, Land Rover presents its transparent bonnet virtual imaging concept. The system will provide new level of driver awareness with a ‘see-through’ augmented reality view of the terrain ahead, making the front of the car virtually invisible from inside the cabin. The technology provides full visibility of what is underneath and in front of the car, with total clarity of otherwise hidden obstacles” (Design Boom).

Cameras placed inside of the hood of the car create a “see-through” view of the road through the hood of the car. The ‘transparent bonnet’ enables a driver climbing a steep incline or maneuvering in a confined space to see an augmented reality view capturing the terrain in front of the car, but also the angle and position of the front wheels.

“As our vehicles become more capable and offer increasing autonomy off-road, we will ensure the driver has the confidence to progress over any terrain,” says Dr. Wolfgang Epple, Land Rover’s director of R&D. “We are developing new technologies including the Transparent Hood to give drivers an augmented view of reality to help them tackle anything from the toughest off-road route to the tight confines of urban parking.” (Watch The New Land Rover Discovery Make Itself Invisible). It appears that Land Rover wants to debut this technology as a way to make “off-roading” easier and more convenient, but to me it seems like customers will be more likely to use it while trying to park in the mall parking lot.

I do not know whether this new technology will be successful or not. I know that I, as a consumer, would not want to spend the money on something like this. To me, it seems like an unnecessary luxury, and I feel as though I could put my money towards much more useful and practical things.


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