The U.S. and the Future of Cars-V2V

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is a new plan that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has come up with to reduce car accident numbers. This feature would allow cars to communicate directly with one another. The article gives an example of instead of a person seeing and reacting to another car stopping in front of them, when the car begins braking, an electronic signal would be sent out to cars all around it and they would begin to react. This would also include other things such as turning and accelerating. They say this could potentially save lives by helping drivers avoid accidents or fender benders.

This technology has been compared to seatbelts and electronic stability control features. Safety benefits have been tested in real world experiences and controlled environments. They also claim that this new technology could help improve traffic flow and in turn save gas.

It could be years before this type of technology is installed in today’s society, however I think it could potentially be a decent idea. Cars coming out now have safety features such as beeping when backing up too close to something or beeping when you need to hit the brakes. I do see some drawbacks about this though, people could be extremely hesitant when approached with this idea. Some may feel uncomfortable with the fact that their car reacts for them, for elderly people what if the car suddenly brakes and they hurt their neck because of being unaware? These are some of the questions that come to mind. It would definitely take some getting used to by everyone, but I think it could potentially save lives and might be something worth looking into.


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