New 3-Cylinder Mercedes Engine to Hit Market in Upcoming Years

A new type of engine will be released in a few years by Mercedes in their hybrid models. This begs a question of if it will sell. 3 – cylinder engines will soon be offered in specific models in Europe. Hybrids with front-wheel drive will be fixed with this engine in order to maintain enough space under the hood. However, will they be able to market this change and remain unscathed?

There is still speculation as to whether or not this 3-cylinder will be offered in the United States. America has always been notorious for large engines with high amounts of horsepower. Therefore, would it be a success? Our main engines have generally been the 8, 6, and 4 cylinders. The 8 cylinder being a bit excessive, the 6 a little better economic and the 4 offering an even higher MPG. Within that, however, the “four-bangers” have always been viewed as weak. Would a Mercedes with 3 cylinders really be able to sell in a power-thirsty country such as the United States? Would you trust that small of an engine in your car as you gun the engine in order to merge onto the highway or would the idea be off-putting to the general public?

This engine is in part connected to the “down-speeding” Mercedes is currently going for. In this, they design engines to operate at the lowest speed possible while maintaining practicality. Will this be too far for them, though? I do honestly wonder if this could land in Mercedes’ market or if it will flop.

Green Car Reports writer Antony Ingram writes that this engine is simply not “refined” enough for the Mercedes Benz and that it should rely on larger engines despite the crunch for space. That is, even though he opens the article with “3 cylinder engines are all the rage right now.” It is fairly certain, however, that Mercedes has abandoned the idea of 3 cylinders in anything but their compact, front-wheel drive vehicles.



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