Malfunction in GM cars causes death

General Motors is recalling thousands of Chevy Cobalts and Pontiac G5s. There is an issue with the key when it is directly in the car. Heavy key chains can cause an issue resulting is serious injuries and deaths. Six people have been killed in only five wrecks that result to the issue at hand. With the weight of the key chains, the car has an extreme jolt that registers to the car as a wreck so the airbags are activated.

Models with this default include the years 2005-2007 of the Chevy Cobalts and the Pontiac G5s is only year 2007. According to this article, dealerships will provide a new part with no charge to fix the problem in the car. As a car driver, I am worried about the amount of ‘extras’ on my keychain. I have limited mine to only a the necessary and one small decorative component. All drivers should be aware of the weight of their keychains. It could cause them their life.

A spokesperson from the company claims that all of the wrecks dealing with this occurring problem are all at high speeds and off road. Those are already high serious accident factors. Also, the lack of wearing a seat belt and alcohol consumption were also factors in the wrecks that are seriously dangerous acts when driving. It sounds to be that dumb teenagers were driving too fast under the influence and would have wrecked from that or the car malfunction with over weighted key chains.

Most of these cars were sold in the United States. Owners should contact dealerships and get their car fixed as soon as possible and before anything serious happens. This malfunction can harm the GM’s reputation if they do not handle the matter quickly and efficiently. Consumers can begin to resent the brand and stop buying the vehicles because of the history of malfunctioning.

I found this article actually looking at a different article about the Chevy Cruze. There is a malfuntion that has not been released yet in the 2013 and 2014 models. However, it is claimed in the article that the stop of sale of this car is not related to the Cobalt and G5s. This is will harm Chevy’s reputation. The second model of car recently that has been recalled is not good for a business. It will be interesting to see how the company handles the media when we are informed of the issue with the Chevy Cruze.


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