New Way to Buy Cars

Generation Y, or “millennials” is the name that refers to the generation born from 1980 to 2000. This generation’s parents most likely started their hunt for a new vehicle by first visiting an auto dealership. For the millennials, this is not likely the case. According to a study done by eBay motors, the internet plays a major role in purchasing a car. A major role not only for millennials, but people of all ages too. The results from the study came from responses from 1000 adults.

According to the study, 9 out of 10 or 94% of millennials gather information online at some point in the car buying process. One-third of these buyers do their research on a mobile device compared to only 19% from members of another generation. Only 13% of millenials said that going to a dealership was there preferred way of shopping for a vehicle. Though most millennials claimed they were comfortable researching vehicles online, only one out of five people said they were comfortable of completely buying a car online.

Facebook came up in the study as a major factor in car buying. While 24% of millenials said they would trust customer reviews, 59% said they would trust their Facebook friend’s opinions. 43% said that they would use Facebook to find a dealership. Facebook is obviously not the only site that millennials trust, other sites such as Yahoo Autos and provide reviews that shoppers find helpful.

Generation Y has certainly taken advantage of technology in the automotive buying process. Members of older generations have moved from the showrooms and into the wide world web as well. Only 25% of these people prefer only going to showrooms. In my millennial opinion, I think it is necessary to both do research online and visit dealerships. I think it is irrational to by a car without even seeing it in person.While the internet can narrow down your choices, I believe visiting the dealership should be the final process in buying a vehicle.


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