Marijuana and biodiesel, a match made in green heaven?

Yes, that’s right. The summer of love is making a comeback this 2014. Marijuana and biodiesel, what more could you ask? According to the one trillion dollar Farm Bill President Obama signed early February, ten states are now able to legally grow hemp. This includes the great state of California. Thus, a new company called Extreme Biodiesel has now taken it upon themselves to use this new bill to put weed into action. Extreme Biodiesel is now in the works of buying 40 acres to grow hemp and then use this source as a viable Biodiesel. The company is calling this initiative XTRM Cannabis Ventures. They released a press statement about their vision stating that their “ mission is to provide a cost-effective, high-quality alternative diesel fuel, create “green” jobs, reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuels and diminish U.S. reliance on foreign oil. While the company resides in the energy arena, it has gotten creative in another industry to make its energy plan work, and in the process, stumbled upon what could be two very lucrative futures – a future in energy and a future in cannabis.”

So tying this all together, weed, in fact, may be able to save this country by reducing the dependence on foreign oil and thus saving us from this energy crisis. Although the productivity of the workers while cultivating this crop is yet to be seen, I am confident that this could be the next step in creating the perfect Bio-fuel. By using hemp as an additive to the fuels already present, this could drive the price of biodiesel even lower to create an incentive for people to buy biodiesel vehicles. If not just to save some money, the tailpipe emissions could be enough to make this fuel the innovation of the century.



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