Get your parking tickets “Fixed”

Is the ‘man’ bringing you down? Do you want a way to fight the system? Well, if the ‘man”s weapon of choice is parking tickets, then there may be a solution.

“Fixed” is a new app currently in development and testing in San Francisco that aims to allow consumers/victims of parking tickets easily deal with their parking problems. The app works by taking a picture of the ticket, as well as for some of the surrounding area with potential reasons for why the ticketing may have been unfair. Things like missing signage, faded paint lines or curb colours, amid other conditions that might be applicable for the area are a couple of reasons that a ticket could be voided. This information is then sent to the Fixed team where it is analyzed and the experts and lawyers can give a probable percentage about if the ticked can be beat in court.

“When you mention parking tickets to people it engenders such an emotional reaction … because so many people think they’ve received an unfair parking ticket,” said Fixed co-founder David Hegarty, who came up with the idea after getting six parking tickets in one day.

The real exciting feature is how streamlined it is: the company will even draft a letter to the local court and start all of the processing without ever having to have a signature. If Fixed wins, they ask for 25% of the parking ticket’s cost. If they lose, the only thing that has to be paid is the fine.

The feature is similar to the way larger corporations like UPS and FedEx handle their own parking fees, only that this is available to the public. Right now the feature is only available in San Francisco, an opportune market considering it has the highest average parking ticket fines in the country at $74. While parking issues have been fought in San Francisco by updating technology (instead of coin meters, there are card readers), this technique could work well in the city where parking fees are still high. Expansion efforts into other cities like Los Angeles and New York are also possible, as well as the potential to move outside of the realm of non-moving violations, although this is all speculative and will depend on how well the app fairs in the Fog City.

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One thought on “Get your parking tickets “Fixed”

  1. I love this idea. When I worked in DC in the early 90s, it was a given that if you were 5 minutes late for your meter, you were getting a ticket. Nice post Brian!

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