Augmented Reality Dashboard

Mercedes has recently introduced the idea of the augmented reality dashboard. According to the new dashboards can be described as “Think of the Terminator, or many other science fiction stories, where a robot looks at a person or an object and automatically brings up information about them and can identify who or what they are” (Five Future Car Technologies That Actually Have a Chance).

Basically, the car’s dashboard has a motion sensor camera. You can wave your arm in front of the dashboard, and a list of menu options shows up such as: Social, Media, and Places. Not only would your car’s dashboard have access to any of these menu options, your car would also have the ability to send text messages to other cars on the road that also have the Mercedes DICE system (Dynamic and Intuitive Control Experience). With the social tab, you can access all of your social media profiles. You can send a tweet, post to Facebook, or even send a message all by voice command. The media tab accesses the car’s saved music. The places tab is my favorite feature of all. I feel this would not only be interesting, but could be extremely useful in a large city. According to an article on, they state that “If a driver or passenger is driving past something noteworthy, an icon will be floating over it on the HUD [dashboard]. If said motorist points at the icon DICE will pull up information about the noteworthy point, like a restaurant’s hours, ratings, cuisine, or a landmark’s architectural style” (Mercedes Unveils Augmented Reality Dashboard and HUD).

BMW has even taken to the concept of the augmented reality dashboard to help improve the safety of driver’s. For example, if you were approaching a car too quickly, a hologram on your windshield would appear and show you different way to maneuver around the other vehicle.

I really like the concept of the augmented reality dashboard, although I feel BMW’s way of using it is much better by using it for safety aspects rather than personal or convenience aspects like Mercedes. However, I like that with the Mercedes version you can pull up information about specific building and landmarks, but I do not think that there should be a ‘social’ tab. You can wait to tweet until you are stopped, and out of the car.


One thought on “Augmented Reality Dashboard

  1. Hannah, this is an excellent post. I didn’t know anything about this technology. I wonder how this will fit in with efforts to end “distracted driving” when it comes to activities like texting.

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