Are Electric Vehicles Better for the Environment than Gas-Powered Ones?

The long-tailpipe debate has been going on for decades now since the electric car was first introduced. Gas cars have been hounded on by environmentalists because of the mass carbon emissions when it is produced in oil refineries. This is why when electric cars first came out, “green” people jumped on the band wagon and bought electric cars so that they can be environmentally conscious. However, studies later came out that the production of electricity also gives out plenty of carbon emissions as well. Therefore electric cars became more of a viable source of energy for a car rather than it being an environmental vehicle.

A report has recently come out that has compared the same car as both a electric and a gas powered car to see which one is better for the environment. It was found out that in the making of the cars, gas powered cars are more eco-conscious. But in the long term run it was a clear choice that electric cars are better. It was true in the “terms of total energy consumption, use of resources, greenhouse gases, and ozone pollution.” The problem with electric cars is that it contributes more to acid rain and algae pollution. So balancing the pros and cons, electric cars in the long run is the best choice for the environment.

In conclusion, this issue is related to the corporate social responsibility that companies have in making cars. Each car company needs to keep in mind of the carbon emissions it produces as a whole. Companies should then try to incorporate ways to release less emissions through electric cars or even hybrids. By keeping this in mind, the environment can be cleaner and safer for everyone.



One thought on “Are Electric Vehicles Better for the Environment than Gas-Powered Ones?

  1. JG – I liked the end of this post in particular. Car companies do seem to need to have a social conscience these if they want to keep a good reputation in the marketplace. Good work.

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