Tesla Motors: Creating the Future

Bet against Elon Musk, I dare you.  This man has the mental faculties that rival most scientists, empathy for our mistreated planet and enough money and business sense to do essentially whatever he chooses.  The amount of success this man has had in his life is absolutely baffling.  He co-founded Pay-Pal, created SpaceX which was the first civilian company to reach space and dock with the international space station, is chair of Solar City – a company invested in green energy, and most notably for our automobiling purposes, is the CEO of Tesla Motors which he “cofounded to design, engineer and manufacture affordable electric vehicles for mainstream consumers.”  A bet against this man would be extremely ill advised given his record.  

How can I be a part of this?  Is a common question any reader could ask. Fiscally it appears you, like most everyone else, have already missed the boat.  This time last year TSLA was trading at $34 a share and as of February 25th, it was trading for a whopping $248.  But don’t fret about your lack-of-buying remorse, because what Tesla has in store for us, is almost as exciting as getting a 729% return on investment last year, almost.  

Tesla has already put in motion plans to make their gigafactory, which would be the biggest battery factory in the world and to my adulation produce their lithium-ion cells in the U.S.A.  Panasonic has already invested almost $1 billion and it is not the only investor.  The aim of this factory is to bring Musk’s vision to fruition; having an electric car that is affordable for mainstream consumers.  Some may say that large-scale production of batteries is bad for the environment.  I agree.  However, I believe that making the switch to electric vehicles will increase demand for alternative clean energy, like solar, wind and nuclear power and offset the harmfulness of production.  Furthermore, the manufacturing jobs it will create in the U.S. are dramatically needed.  Even better, after the batteries become obsolete for the car, they can be recycled for less demanding, stationary cell jobs. 

Musk won’t be satisfied with merely helping the planet with his electric car and his green energy solutions.  His aim is to create a utopian society by 2026 through his autonomous car.  I understand that there is still a vast amount of work to be accomplished and even after the technology is there, there is always room for improvement.  Moreover, I know there are quite a few people that are conscientious objectors to the autonomous vehicle and will fight and scream before they let themselves see it on our motorways but as I challenged before, bet against Elon Musk, I dare you.












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