Apple and Tesla’s New “iCar”?

            Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla motors, has been in contact since last spring with the executives at Apple.  Speculations are beginning to run rampant around the industries about whether or not Tesla will be bought out or if the rumors are true about the companies coming together to build a new “iCar”.  With Tesla’s market cap at only $24 billion, Apple has the ability and funds to purchase the up and coming motor company, but will the powerhouse electronic company move in on the car industry. 

            With a new age of electronic cars beginning to hit the market, as well as the ever increasing need for new technology, it seems almost inevitable that Apple would begin to make its mark on the auto industry.  After conquering the computer, tablet, and phone industries, why not tackle the automobile as well?  Will we begin to see Apple as an emerging auto industry leader in the future?  It is hard to tell because there are only speculations and rumors surrounding why Musk met with the executives at Apple.  Likely it was to discuss the implementation of Apple’s touch screen technology into Tesla cars. 

            Jokes about the possible iCar have surfaced as well, making it enjoyable to read the reviews for the iCar.  One article talks about how the iCar would only come in two colors, “Space Grey. Of course, there also would be a hard-to-find gold-tone version.”  Also, the iCar would have apps included where you can “let your passengers watch the second season of “House of Cards”, just fire up the Netflix app. And Candy Crush Saga would come pre-installed to give you something to do while waiting out traffic jams.” The iCar would only precede the iCar 2 and iCar 3. 

            Overall, the idea that Apple would create its own iCar seems to be far reaching.  However, given Apple’s previous dominance in nearly all aspects of electronics, it does not seem as far reaching to say the company could have its day with an electric car in the future.


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