Ford Atlas Concept Truck

The new Ford Atlas Concept truck is ground breaking technology. Ford put the 3.5 liter v6 eco-boost engine with an option for 5.0 v8 for more towing power. The Interior of the truck is done in LED lighting for more efficiency. The inside is more luxurious with heated and cooled seats and cup holders. It’s got a huge navigation system and optional Wi-Fi. The bed of the truck has many tie down spots for cargo. The bed also has a pull out step that also acts as cargo cradle. The roof also acts as a place to carry cargo with tie  and rails. Three more unique factors to the Atlas is the ramps that slide out from under the bed for easy loading into the bed. One improvement for fuel economy is the active grill shutters that open or close to increase or decrease air flow causing better aerodynamics. My favorite part of the truck is the 360 degree rearview camera that lines the truck up to the trailer. The camera also helps with backing the trailer up because it lines the trailer up with the exact spot you want to park the trailer because you control the vehicle with the shifter. The Atlas truck is on track to be unveiled in 2015.

“Tacked on to the end of a presentation of its new Transit and Transit Connect commercial vans at the Detroit auto show, Ford added a surprise showing of its Atlas full-size pickup concept. The Atlas is a thinly veiled look at what Ford has in mind for the production-spec 2015 F-150. As Ford is happy to tell anyone who will listen, the F-series pickup has been the bestselling pickup in the U.S. for the past 36 years. That’s important stuff, especially considering GM just unveiled its all-new full-size pickups, the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, which compete over the same set of buyers. According to Ford, the Atlas is an exploration of fuel-efficiency improvements, potential technologies, and capacity advancements.

The look of the Atlas is unmistakable contemporary Built Ford Tough, with bulging wheel arches, a drop-down beltline at the front doors, and some of the biggest snarling grille nostrils ever seen on an F-150.”


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