New form of automobile will soon be hitting the market!


The “Elio” is set to hit the market this summer as a more affordable option in the auto industry. It gets 84 miles to the gallon on the highway and 49 in town. That means, you can get from Detroit to New York City on only one tank of gas. Mind you, the gas tank on this vehicle will only hold 8 gallons. The engine is an inline 3 cylinder that is capable of 55 horse power and you have the option of a 5 speed manual or automative. Furthermore, it will be going at a small price of $6,800! The downside? It only has three wheels.

This “car”, designed by Paul Elio was in response to the rising gas prices of the last decade. Therefore, he set out too find an alternative. In an interview, Paul seemed excited and expectant of a very positive response to his vehicle nation-wide. Despite the fact that it’s very small, 3 wheeled, and mostly comes in bright, flashy colors. Many of the comments on the article lined up with his expectations. However, I have a feeling it won’t be as widely accepted as a new possibility for the auto industry.

My question is, despite the expected 5 star crash test rating, would you really want to own this car? Although, small and economical, it almost seems in line with the Smartcar. By that, I mean it seems a little.. dorky. My main concern is that it won’t get the widespread reaction that Elio believes it will. I personally don’t believe it will fit well into the American automobile culture.


One thought on “New form of automobile will soon be hitting the market!

  1. Davin, I agree with your take here, but if gas gets very expensive again, I wouldn’t be surprised if this car catches on. The first Honda Civic looked very strange to American consumers in 1974. Oh and please format your paragraphs properly!

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