The Electric Vehicle Vending Machine

China has extremely bad toxic haze over the population. With 1.35 billion people, congestion is a huge problem. 50% of urban particle matter comes from vehicles. China is one of the top car manufacturers in the world but only have 10 percent of car owners compared to America. The need for bikes and electric scooters become mandatory when fighting the traffic and mass of people.  There are 120 million electric bikes in scooters in China alone. However, people and families want to be inside a vehicle. The luxury of air conditioning, a radio, and simply a car seat for a child is missed when traveling by bike or scooter.

The Kandi Machine is China’s ‘Sweet Pollution Solution.’ With the cities blanketed in toxic haze, one man found the ultimate solution to decrease the stress of traveling for the Chinese people. The vending machine like garage full of electric cars is a hit to the Chinese population. These electric vehicles make traveling much easier and cut down the air pollution tremendously. Only costing $3.25 and hour, you can pick a car up in one location and leave it at another. The convenience of this electric car makes for high demand in China. Although, with range anxiety, the electric car travels 75 miles on one charge and can reach up to 50 miles an hour on the road. There is an option for a quick battery exchange or recharge at the convenience.

A researcher from Colorado inspected this company and found pleasing results in addressing China’s major issues: pollution and congestions. The company promises 2 million electric cars by 2020 and to have 500 garages built within the nest four years. Cities in China have needed to shut down because of the pollution. The ‘Kandi’ car is a potential solution for China and the people. Not only is the car cheaper than a gas car, it has attacked the problem of pollution, congestion, parking, and cost.


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