Electric Car Vending Machine

With China’s growing economy, more people are becoming interested in car ownership.   While this new trend is a positive one, it worsen China’s pollution and traffic problems.  One company, Kandi Technologies Group, is aiming to fix that.  Recently, the first “electric car vending machine” was erected in Hangzhou, China.  These electric cars resemble a smart car and have a range of 75 miles per charge.  They run at a rate of 3.25$ an hour and feature a battery exchange system similar to the Tesla design.  Over the next 5 years the company plans on constructing hundreds of new rental sites.  With bike rentals and mopeds being popular in Chinese cities, these new rental cars let consumers move into an enclosed form of transportation.

It is hard for us to imagine why electric car rentals would be a necessity.  We lack the major problems that populated Chinese cities experience.  We lack congested roadways which put traffic to a dead stop.  We don’t have a thick blanket of smog hanging about our heads.  Many cities, such as Beijing, have to shut down because of critical amounts of pollution.   For China, these electric cars are not just another product, they are a necessity. That is why China’s government is giving billions of dollars in subsidies to companies like Kandi.  What excites me most about this project is to see China taking a major step in reducing human’s carbon footprint.  With China being one of the biggest industrial nations, any changes they make to reduce emissions has a huge impact on the world.  We are in the early steps of the electrical car shift.  While gasoline vehicles will be present long after my life time, I think electrical vehicles will start to take the roadways by storm.  They will become the norm.



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