Active Curve Tilting

Mercedes Benz has recently announced a new form of cornering technology they have been designing to put into their 2015 S class coups. The concept behind this technology is to give the driver a better feel in the car giving it a true sense of hugging the corners and sinking you into the seat. When you ride a motorcycle on a curvy road, you lean into the corners to lower your center of gravity and turn quicker. If it works with two wheels, why not make it work with four? This is the same idea Mercedes Benz is using in the creation of a new turning technology. The S class coup will have an active suspension system that will lean the car into curves just like a motorcycle rider lays his bike in a turn. All four shocks in the car will have the ability to electronically extend or contract up two 2.5 inches, make the car literally hug turns. This new technology is called Active Curve Tilting. This feature can be turned on or off using the touch screen in the dash. Operating speeds for this application start at 19 miles an hour and can be used all the way to 112 miles an hour. This technology does not come cheap by any means though. Mercedes Benz has not listed a price for this car yet but they are sure it will be in the six figure range. I’m sure as time progresses on more of their models will have this feature available but for now the S Class coup will be the only one offering it. Hopefully more auto makes which produce upper end performance vehicles will start to use this application so the cost will drop over time making it where every day commuter vehicles will be able to use this application.


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