Uber Car

After discussing the Uber car a few days ago in class, I decided to blog about it because I found it to be incredibly interesting. When you visit the Uber website, you are greeted with the caption “The Uber app connects you with a driver at the tap of a button.”

The Uber Car company is completely redesigning the concept of the taxi cab. Instead of calling a cab company and waiting thirty plus minutes (and sometimes even more) for a cab, you press a button on your Uber app, your exact location is detected, and an Uber car is ready to pick you up within five to ten minutes. Not only is this much more convenient, Uber has partnered with a limousine company, so you also get to ride in style. Who wouldn’t want to ride in a luxurious, clean, limo versus a cab that smells like cigarette smoke and body odor? Uber has even created an option (if you’re trying to save money) where a regular car can come pick you up instead of a limousine

In addition to convenience and cleanliness, Uber has also come up with a way to eliminate the awkward money transaction that occurs at the end of a taxi ride. On the Uber app, you have the ability to enter in your credit card information so that way when you reach your destination, Uber can automatically deduct money from your card instead of you having to fumble with cash to give to the driver.

My favorite aspect of the Uber car is that with their app, your exact location is detected. I thought this was extremely intriguing because if you are directionally challenged like I am, not having to explain directions is a plus. For example, when you are traveling in another city, you are usually not very familiar with street names, or the location of things. With the Uber app, all you have to do is touch a button, and your exact location is detected. Convenient huh?

While the Uber car sounds great, there some downsides. On average, the Uber car costs about $10.00 more than a taxi.



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